Remote sales representative


Salary $ 1000 Payment every week for ~ $ 230 transfer to PayPal / Veem or other Employment: Subcontractor Premiums for the month if the plan is fulfilled from $ 500


  • Bitrix24 knowledge of all modules of the box.
  • Ability to administer Bitrix24.
  • English is at a high level, you need to understand all the emphasis and you must understand. A big plus would be Spanish or German.


  • Analyze the requirements of potential customers and make an answer that will show that you are a professional. 
  • Communicate the answer to the client. Initially, only 1 telephone and customer mail will be provided, the mail may not be read, and the call will not be answered. In such cases, you need to look for an alternative way of communication. 
  • Competent transfer of complex tasks to developers. In simple cases, you must be able to independently determine the cost of the service. 
  • Bringing the project to the payment stage